Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First day OT until 8pm, ermm..still boleh tahan la. When i was doing work in the morning, i kept thinking about the lunch time, which is 2pm, because Dear Mulians will be coming to Metroprima and had lunch together with me, just a few persons came, but it is more than enough to release my stress when i talk to them. (wink wink)

ErRr...kind of 'rojak' right now, do not know how i feel... Ermm...should be happy, because nothing bad happen today. Wow...after this week, i get one week off miannn!!! Sounds great!!! I'm sure i can hang out with my sisters and mum for next week. AwWW...i just remembered i have something that haven't settled, my fees for FA course...=S

Is time to bed...Good night....=)

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YLoong said...


Sound good o,finally u can have break.Take ur time relax,go enjoy...Thn when go back for work,u will be more better.
Ohya,maybe i cant go for grading this time,becoz the time got bit crash,no matter i goin or not,i say Sorry 1st~~~