Wednesday, June 17, 2009 date late again, i want to keep my blog update everyday, but...always fail to do so.
Not long ago, i had a girls talk session with beh, so fun to have a chit chat with her, marathon for two hours. And we're doing predictions of all the Mulians for their future. Some are good, some are normal... I want o post in M-blog, but scared to offence them...=P

So yesterday went for training, Ann finally join back and went to Chanrdan after that. Never thought we can have so much laughter while chatting with those 'little monsters'. Left around 11pm as i already feel tired and start yawning, being quite all the because of my hp no battery, just that I'm feeling tired...okay???

Haha..that's about it..bye


YLoong said...

U Charm lu...say us "little monster",later we attack u then u know.But for me,I'm not monster lo.I'm FeiLOU.kaka
Yeayea,long time didtn laugh so much d,feel vry relax after dat.Especially SookAnn laugh,vry funny,non-stop de...

Hetan1314 said...

U all laugh like crazy -.- wat under sea lah ...seafood and all that ...haha ~

nzhaoc2pid said...

post out the prediction weih~~~
share share share~~

i will back training soon i think~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Priscillia said...

To YL: Little monster is the best wordm to describe all of you=P Yea...hope we have the chance to chit chat again.

To Ho Eng: Haha...'they are from ocean', because they are LALA!!!

To Zh: Haiyah...see my mood first=P Later you sadno good lor...haha
I listen first, wait you come i already quit=P