Friday, January 2, 2009

W.E.N Year

First of all, happy new year everyone=) This year, i passed the new year's night happily=) I still remembered last year i was passing alone at my house....haha...damn pity. But i don't mind....lalala~~~

On the 31/12/2008, around 8pm, MR ZH fetch me to kh's house, thank you very much....boss=) A lot of foods at there, steamboat and BBQ. Haha...yummy yummy. And sharp 12am, we saw fire works, sadly...we forgot to countdown=S Everyone is busy eating and chatting. But, i am contented with that day, at least i celebrate and have fun=D

My new year wish is....i didn't make any=S I will make one wish soon when i though of it. Haha...last but not least, HAPPY 2009, may everyone has a prosperous 2009=D

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levanan said...

Happy 2009!!!
although it is a bit late^^