Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today's plan....
Like this:
-10am in the morning, i went for swimming, half an hour...haha. I wanted to burn the calories i ate ytd.
-11smtg went to mum's shop 'kai nian'

-1st station: 2nd uncle's house.
When we arrived at there, there was visitors in uncle's house, so...i can get another ang pow, hahaha. I saw my cousin's fiance, very pretty, korean girl, getting married in this coming 15th of March.
(*i failed to get a good angle becasue of battery low)

-2nd station: 老姑's house. I cou'dn't get any pictures because my hp shut down...=.=" As usua., mum chit chat a while; me and my brother sat there,watched tv and eat snack. But, we went out for lunch at metroprima after that. SUPER FULL

-went for a short walk at carefour to buy a teapot, we suddenly get interested in drinking Chinese tea....hahaha.
-at movie at GSC, 'all about woman' not bad. Learn about 'fei luo mong'. Hahaha...
Will update the third one soon...

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