Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is the right time...

I feel released when i step into my house after i back from college, put down my stuff, no bath and straight away help mummy to clean up the house. I feel like Friday today, just don't know why... And the feelings of CNY is getting deeper and deeper....XD

Back to title, i feel so thankful because it is the right time to reveal something. And it is the super right time to receive a call yesterday and i met with someone i trusted very much today. Of course, is the right time to do house cleaning today.... Haha, because CNY is coming very very soon.

Therefor, in the year of OX, i am a whole new ME again. No hatred in my heart anymore=)


leeahkit said...

wish you all the best..

it is good when everything goes in the right time..

and wish u happy CNY..

levanan said...

Wish you happy CNY!!!

I like this sentence --" in the year of OX, i am a whole new ME again"

this brings new hopes to our lives:D

死者苏生 said...


Priscillia said...

To Jack: Thank you for your support. Happy CNY=)

To Gun: Happy CNY=) Haha, not only animal will transform, we as a human must nonstop transform, not just phscically; but also mentally=P 'Jing yi zhi; zhang yi zhi'.

To Soo: you abit 'fu yen', but nvm=P HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR(copy, paste)* lalalala~~~~~

死者苏生 said...

i no "Fu Yen " u loh , i really think this is the right time to 祝贺你loh。