Monday, January 26, 2009

25th to 26th

This year, I had reunion dinner with mummy and brother at Pizza Hut. This was the 2nd time we had it in Pizza Hut since two years ago. Brother paid the bill, aligatur=) I thought I can’t see any Chinese in the restaurant, but I was wrong. I am glad I still can have this reunion with the most beloved persons in my life, my mum and my brother. And so…I feel so much joy for this dinner and it makes me feel really thankful for who I am now.

Haha...after that, mum’s fren came and joined us. Luckily she came, if not my mum would not talk so much. We went for movie after that, hanging around at Jusco and movie started at 11pm. We watched ‘All well ends well’. So much laughter in that show, we laughed until dead….XD Next time when I fall in love again, I will spin just like them…hahaha.

At the same time, I get many greetings from my friends, all via sms. Most of it are forward messages, but still meant to me=) Thanks.
I have taken some pictures along the journey, haha…enjoy=)
Oya…I passed New Year in the cinema for the first time.

Last but not least, happy Chinese New Year. MoooOo~~~~
Both of them were busy chatting and never realized I was taking picture…lol

Is already 10smtg, but I can still see the crowd in the supermarket

Queuing to Hall 1 for ‘All well ends well’, that man was my brother.

Queuing to Hall 1 for ‘All well ends well’, that man was my brother.
On my way home…I still that energetic even though passed 11pm (my standard sleeping time)

The night view

I am home~~~

Haha…is already 1.21am, 26th. HAPPY NIU YEAR=)
Got to go out now, bye~~~~

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