Friday, January 30, 2009


Below are the belated update for the past two days=)

Like this:


1) 10am in the morning, get everything done QUICKLY, because i woke up late and we moved to grandma's house at Kepong Baru for ancestors 'bai bai' ceremony.

-mum walked the wrong way to the house besides, so blur=S

-quite a lot of relatives coming in and out...

2) Moved on to PJ 'dai tong', opposite to Tropicana Mall to have annual gathering there, this is the day i where i get the chance to meet up all my relatives, i don't even know who are who sometimes, too many!!!

3) Around 3pm, moved on to youngest uncle's house at BU for a while. I wanted to go back home, but mum kept on saying 'just a while'... Eventually, ended up 'BIG WHILE'
This is Zing, she loves to play soccer...ahahaha, and she knows, don't pray pray. Uncle promised to give me a puppy if Zing becomes a mother.

4) Moved on to grandpa's brother's house, somewhere at BU too...
Finally...i reached home at 6 something... Phew.... But going to sir's house at 8pm. This is the final station of the day, again... I was like a dead fish when i was at home but these continuous activities, 'I"M LOVIN' IT'!!!
Haha...this day was not so packed, but i slept at 2am.
My day goes like this:
1) Awake at 9stmg and started my essay but half way i gave up, because i still in holiday mood...hahaha
2) Went for a short nap and woke up at 2pm and i got a called from 'Xiao Ma Yi', they coming to my house. I was happy and quickly get up and bath and....lalala~~~
3) Next stop, we went to Daryl's house together, they gambled there and me too... But not my money...hahaha=D After they stopped,they started to sing.... Wow~~~ the pirated Avril Lavigne was in town!!! (*no worries jack, i won't upload the video, maybe next time=P)
4) We went home around 6smtg and everyone had their own plan.
5) Around 8pm, i went to third uncle's house at Sunway Damansara, i didn't get a chance to take any pictures, i forgot=P i waited at there for quite long... And we finally went off around 10.30pm.
6) Final stop... 1 Utama GSC, watched midnight show- Bride Wars. Half way, the screen shut down, everyone 'boo~~~', except four of us la of course....=P resume back after 15 minutes (i guess). Ans so....i slept at 2am, dead fish again!!!!
Today, i will be going to TKD's house visiting... Will update soon...
Happy Niuuu~~~~ year=)


leeahkit said...

Thanks for not uploading the video, i m very very very appreciate bout tat..

Bout the mini cooper, i will consider bout it if i become rich some day..

Just wait for it.. lalala~~

Priscillia said...

Hahaha... you are very welcome. Since today you had given me the permission to upload, i will think about it.
Thanks for the mini cooper first=P