Tuesday, January 27, 2009


‘大年初一’is a big 'BULL' day for (no harsh meaning). As someone said, it is a 'year routine'. Like this:

We left home at 10am

We went to mum's shop 'bai bai'

1st station-'Da Yee's house', we had brunch there, all are veggie. I met my cousin for the first time, he went to England for don't know how many years and eventually came back this year to celebrate CNY together with his wife(a malay) and his 2 years big daughter.
2nd station-nanny's house. I met back my 'nai ma' again, she is getting older. Flashing back when i was still young, so much memories there and she's just like my 'second mother'.

These are my nanny's grandchildren, they grow so much. My mum called them '三剑客', hahahaha!!!!

3rd station-'Er yee's house', I saw my baby cousin sister. Last time i saw her she's still a baby sleeping on the bed, now she can walk and run around. Grow super much lo...
4th station- 'dong chang shi'(i don't know the Chinese words), suppose to go uncle's house, but...mum suggest to go this place. Is a year routine too. We went there in evening so that at the night we can get a chance to see beautiful lights.

Brother fall asleep....=S

Here we are!!! The giagantic Dutch Lady bull

The night view...


going out now....bye~~~

p/s: suppose to update ytd but i was a dead man when i reached home...XD


leeahkit said...

Happy niu year!!
So envy u got so many place to go~

p/s:ur eighth pic, look so emo. Be happy my fren~

levanan said...

wa, so suang !!!

Happy CNY !!!

Priscillia said...

To ah kit: i envy you because you can balik kampung...'pi chi pi chi'. haha... Not emo, i hardly can openmy eyes because of the bright sun.

To gun: Happy CNY=)