Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stefan Sagmeister

I went to college 9am in the morning to submit the 'Hot Art' competition artwork. While waiting for mum, i went to library and look for some books... And i found a book which is talked about 'Stefan Sagmeister', a well-known designer and definitely INSANE designer. Someone who is really passionate to design. For me, he is the most handsome guy that i had seen before among all the designers....hahaha=) Not very macho(i know because i saw he's being nude before) but definitely good looking and humorous.

Below are some images that I'd found from the book, the story line is quite normal but you will find it interesting if you know this guy. One thing i love is his facial expression, soOoo funny!!!



I'm not the extra-ordinary kidz. said...

Oh My God... this is my type...
GD GD I miss YOU~~~

Priscillia said...

He is coming to town in March, with David Cudson and some other Graphic designers in KLCC. The will have an conference there, imay be going but it cost me a bomb!!!