Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today in history class, i learned something which really inspired me very much. 'Hand is a very powerful tool'.

Tutor told me 'you use the hand to caress a dog; if you use back the same hand to beat a dog. Eventually, your dog will get confused when you touch him/her next time again'. Same thing goes to human, you use a same hand to caress your children; at the same time, you use back the hand to slap him/her, he/she will get confused too.

Hand is a very useful too, it not only help us to complete daily works, but it also plays on human psychology. When you are nervous, you will hold your hand together or you will use your hand to scratch your head or....some other parts(don't get me wrong).

In my own opinion, i do think we should be contented by having a pair of 'healthy hand'. Make use of our own hand, if you use it for caress on someone, don't ever ever use it to beat someone. Use hand in an appropriate way for you own sake.


leeahkit said...

i always scratch my head with my "powerful hand" when i am doing my examination paper recently..

it is helping me a lot to release my tension... as you mentioned....

but i do not understand why you can learn about "hand" in your history class? (+_+")

Priscillia said...

To Jack: The hand issue came from a poster called 'I want you' is from WW1 and WW2. Is a figure poiting on the viewer. So...this is why this issue brought up.