Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Recentely, i was being so active badminton, swimming, tkd... Hope to lose weight somehow...not just to release stress.

Finally...today i had done my projects, but i still got other stuffs to do, hopefully...get it all done by tomorrow morning. Before the party....=)

And ermmm....5Mulia's peoples have been so much closer to each other recentely, i'd never thought i will still keep in touch with them(kw, zc...etc) untill CNY. It is a very good thing, at least the 5years long relationship does not stop there, it's still a 'comma' for us, no a fullstop!!!

Myself...i feel so lost recentely, hard to concentrate to do my work, chaotic mood. Please...come back to mama...i'm looking for good things now, see pretty things, live happily and get inspired=)

I'm in sleeping mood right now....already past 11pm, is time to sleep....zZzzz


SHUXIN said...

seems lik someone forgotten me :(
haha.. no worries.. just kidding:)

leeahkit said...

din mentioned bout me~
i noe u angry at me~
sorry lo~

Priscillia said...

you all get me wrong la... those who i didn't mention mean i still keepin touch with you all. Kw and zc i seldome hang out with them... Only after the trip. Yikes=S

To jack: you so good, how dare i angry at you. Later 'bei looi pek'...XD

Keng Wei said...

i am 'zai nan' sure very less hang out 1..
guess every1 will busy 'next year'
then u all cant saw the annoying action from me already..=p
anyway happy new year!!

死者苏生 said...

i n kw will always keeping touch with u de! After the PAngKOK trip, we all (5 Mulia) really get closer and closer. Hope we can go trip together again!!!!

Priscillia said...

To kw: i will go to MV kacau you=)

To soo: yeah...always come my house for swimming, i always welcome...hehe=) I'm wainting for another trip...lalala~~~