Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Past & Present

People keep asking me what i had done for the past 5 months break. I worked with an advertising company where they produce ads, all sorts of ads and compile it into a magazine. Sometimes, i help them out with menu, logo and name card design too.

Well, i learned a lot of things. Of course, my skill in Ai and Photoshop had improved a lot. But, most of the ads that i had produced i not satisfy with it. For me, those ads are just to fulfill customer's needs, they like to put everything into a box, all information, no space to breath at all. Once, i was given an opportunity to help a client to design an ad for 'Sister's Magazine'. That's the ad that i like the most. Of course, amendments had done for a few times until they approve.
Picture as below:

I resign on September, reason: i need some break. But, i'm still doing freelance. Pretty frustrated when i see my colleague call me in and out, especially during my napping hour. Got to stick with my maibox everytime, internet is the best way to keep us in touch.

Well, this will be the last month in helping them out. My passion with art and design is always there. Working with Ad company is not easy. I wish i can continue my study in future and my plan with 'two of them' will come true.

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