Friday, September 18, 2009

Hang Out

Yo!!! I feel so good to hang out with 'her' (Chai Yeow Yuan). Finally she got her one week break and her exam had just finished. I not only went to her house yesterday, but i meet her up today and hang around at 1u. Unfortunately, it will be better if another 'she' is there with us.

From 12pm to 7pm we were there, watched movie, shopping... Of course, I'd spent quite a lot too, but i already control, right yy???

Now, feel exhausted, i guess i can fall asleep immediately when i lie on the bed. Yay!!! No more insomnia.


beh said...

i wish i can be there with u two~~~~ miss both of u super duper damn much...T___T miss the time we used to hang out together...T___T

Priscillia said...

I miss the time to go your house whenever i like, just a phone call and an answer, 'yes'. I know this day will be back very soon. =)