Monday, September 28, 2009

I had made this decision and i got to stick with it.

Back to college today, first day of Year 2. Meet all the classmates and tutors as well. Lovely Ms Tong Yin and adorable Mr Sean=P It was hard for me to open my mouth and tell her... But, i have too and i did it. I am so glad that she had selected me to take part on something, but...i am so sorry that i couldn't join. I wish i can join...really. Flashing back all the memories i had with them and that's the end. I'm gonna miss them a lot. Even though we are stress out for all the projects in Year One, i think all of us do enjoy a lot and da satisfaction when we see the complete works is really a big 'Whao Whao'. I will never get that feelings anymore.
The time, the memory, the hard worked we had been through will always save inside my 'motherboard'. I gonna miss you all a lot and i promise i will go back to college whenever i am free.

I differ one year, in case anything i will go back again but not with the same group anymore. The passion in design will always in my heart, nothing can delete it. I wish i can finish my degree whenever i can.

Thanks for the outings today and all the sweet memory...=)

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