Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Again, i mad at these peoples again. When then need you; they talk to you nicely; when you had done what they want, they will talk to you in a different way.

AGAIN!!! Unfair thing happen again, I can help him; but why can't THEY ask him to help me??? (Because I'm too good, YA RIGHT!!!) Is ok, i tell myself, *be patience*. No more second time, no more second chance. Is YOU who treated me this way, and you will know how what will happen next.

Good news, THREE down; TWO more to go. I received their call today, but...the excitement is not 100%, maybe those stupid fellow influence me. Hopefully, the BONE is straight; the BODY is healthy.

Going to kill the DEVILS tomorrow. Weeee~~~


char said...

so soon, you will be with us once again, take it easy. same with me today in office.. just a small didnt tell where's the remote is, boss scold me as 废人! i am so mad of him.! early in the morning, i was talking with someone, yet no answer him, he scold me so.! hate!
but i know.. i am wasting my cells and energy to mad on him. why dont let his cells die but now mine? right?
chill~~ miss you ;)

Priscillia said...

Thank you Char darling. I tell you one good news, i'd resigned!!! Yay!!! Give me a call or message when you come back to PJ, i will go and look for you and wendy=)


char said...

omg~! good to hear that~ i still have 2 weeks to go.. haha~ great! i am waiting for you kr and wendy too~ ;)
see yea soon!
muaccksss >3<