Tuesday, September 8, 2009

80% at home

Gosh, i get insomnia yesterday, AGAIN!!! Thinking about the 'call' again. I awake at 2.30am and can't fall asleep after that, wake up, walk around in living room, went to balcony and switch on tv and laptop. Until 5am, went to bed again. Finally, i can sleep until 7am and sent my brother to work.

Yikes=( I'm still waiting for the call...nervous nervous. Everyday put my hp in a high signal place just in case. AwWWW...torturing man.

At last, i am not a rubbish to stay at home doing nothing. I got some freelance job to do. Yay!!! Life like this not bad, work with relaxation.

Going to sweat myself out again. Chiow...


死者苏生 said...

fuiyo, insomnia again?
play laptop until 5 am, geng lah.
Thinking about what " call"!!!?

Priscillia said...

The call is something very important to me. Will tell you when i get the call=P
Next time i call you wake up 'o lui' when i get insomnia again=P