Saturday, September 12, 2009


Again, i get insomnia again. From the moment i back from dinner, around 11pm smtg, i straight away go to bed. Until now...i can't sleep PEACEFULLY. A lot, lots of 'zhap pa lang' things floating on my mind. What the hell... So torturing. Plan to wake up at 5.30am tml for jogging, but now... i don't think i can make it. As someone mentioned before, why should i make myself so tired. So...i think i will just skip the jogging part.

Please, stay far far away from me. I don't like to get insomnia....


sOOk aNN said...

haihz.. pris ar..
I can't sleep too..

I never been so stress about exam ler..
This is the first time..
Suffer.. macam tml got big event like tht.. T.T

Priscillia said...

I saw your blog. Let's work hard together. We can overcome it=)