Saturday, December 13, 2008


Yeah!!! 3 weeks Christmas and new year holiday had just started... Yesterday was the last day, i went to OU with classmate after their tutorial session, plan to watch movie at first, but it was to late then... We had lunch at 'Kei dak sek' and bought some books at MPH, the books are so cheap! Book from RM90 over discount to RM30. Spent about 100bucks for 6 books. We went back to college around 2.30pm, i went to tutorial and CCM meeting... Duh~~~

Wendy gave me something yesterday and i love it very much, I'm sure i will feed the coin box everyday. Thanks for the handmade card, she was using Entalis paper, i still 'tak sampai hati' to use that 180sheets paper....XD

The encouraging coin box...

The encouraging coin box(top)...

Thanks for the card=D I will paste it in my personal journal^^

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