Thursday, December 11, 2008


'Thank you', a familiar word that we hear and say everyday(only if you are a polite person).
What i want to say is...... 'Thank you, KOR KOR'. I never expect he will give me a birthday present, i was so surprised and touched when yesterday night he came near me and gave me a 'ang pau'. I was shocked and look at him in startled, of course i said 'thank you' before he turned his head away. I wish that argument never happened, if i have a time machine, i wouldn't let that conflict happens... We are no longer close like last time anymore, i no longer see you act fun and being humour in front of me. I wish we can be like last time, i regret for what had happened before. You are my forever good brother no matter what.

The present

In process...(10 days)[secret to be revealed after i fill in the balnk]

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