Tuesday, December 16, 2008


These are some of the pics from Pangkor. I never chose the nice one; but the random and funny pics.

Look 'gay' lor....


Hahaha! Nice pose!

Everyone is busy taking pic of 'somebody'


Jack takes control of zheng chee, his face looks =.="
*zh looking at 'something'

Spot the diffrence!!!

The sacrificers!!! Die for volleyball~~~

His face looks damn syok
Will upload more next time....


nzhaoc2pid said...

hey~~~i'm not looking at 'something'
n i don even understand wat's the something u mean~~
i'm jz trying to put my head into the mouth of the duck~~~

leeahkit said...

tis pic is really weird...

zeng chey and me acting “老夫老妻”, pris kissing the duck and zh trying to put his head into the mouth of the duck...(+_+")

1 word: 怪(weird)

Priscillia said...

*zh*- Hahaha, zheng hao~~~ Suan la... you always kena critic from the pic, your pose always outstanding=P

*jack*- you and zeng chey pose naturally.

Keng Wei said...

wat damn syok o?
people is relaxing only..
alway spoilt my repute =(

Priscillia said...

Lol...i meant you was enjoying... nothing else la...

levanan said...

nice explanation for all pics!!!