Thursday, December 11, 2008


Whao whao whao!!! I went to Skytrex today, woke up at 5am in the morning and reach there around 8am. Wear the equipments and after briefing, we started the extreme games!!! It is extreme for me, but not for some of the boys.....haha, because they are so brave to play this super high stuffs. I had never thought i can go through all these stages, played flying fox, climbed super high staircase, tarzan swing, walked on the zig zag path and the net... I wanted to give up when i look down from top, but i didn't do that. proud of myself that i can make it!! So so so happy...=)

After that, we went to four seasons house, this time the place was set in winter. The temperature was -2Celsius to -7Celsius. I didn't feel any cold at all, just a little bit, especially the hand, like freezing...XD But it was fun!!!
We went to Pizza for lunch after that and i reached home at 4pm, straight away jump onto bed and Zzz...muahahaha.....XD
6am in the morning, the sky is still dark....very

Having breakfast at Abas


Heading to the top(3Km) from the car park

Everyone is doing stupid things while waiting...

Equipments store

we are playing (picture will upload soon)

mission accomplished!!!

heading to bus stand

while we are waiting...

yummm~~~taste super good

walking to four seasons house


shooting pics at Taman pertanian (i love this pose=P)

Pose for nothing=P
Three weeks holiday coming....YEAH!!! Wulala~~~


chrysalyst said...

wow i want to go!! hehehe! will find a weekend to check it out...thanks for sharing bout it! ^o^

nzhaoc2pid said...

seem like i missed sth fun tim~~
nvm nvm~~tat day i also get 6shirts n 2pants from my shopping spree~~

Priscillia said...

Haha...Krstal,it was really fun!!! I will upload more pics soon, you can so see how high i was when i was passing thorugh all the games=D Search 'skytrex' in google, you will find info there=)

Priscillia said...

Everyone is going for shopping to get new shirts, jealous lar!!! The skytrex is always there, perhaps next time should go again with 5 Mulia...=D

nzhaoc2pid said...

with 5mulia?
don wan lo~
it's dangerous~
since u say u climb very high~
later those annoying ppl keep laughing den fall down from high place den how?

Priscillia said...

Hahaha, hilarious!!! Don't worry, it is very safety, those annoying people will just hand on the top, won't fall down...=D

Keng Wei said...

annoying people=.=
so high still can laugh meh?
but sound excited for me..

Priscillia said...

'trip de skytrex'
coming soon...