Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rimbun Dahan

Okay...this is the belated pictures from Rimbun Dahan field trip in last Friday. It was such a inspiring trip and we having fun, a lot of fun=D

9 smtg, we depart from KBU, go by KBU shutter.
On the way...
The owner of Rimbun Dahan, she has been living in M'sia for 37years and now is a Muslim, married to a Malay guy. Her words are inspiring, even though she's not a Malaysian; her mindset is better than Malaysian. We do work because of who we are, is our traditions, our style, why should we copy foreign countries.

The lotus at the pond
They have a farm there, all the plants are from Malaysia, no foreign plants, most of it are for medical use.
Super artistic sculputure, i don't understand the meaning though=S
The rebuild Kampung house.

In the gallery, oil on canvas. Work produced by various artists from diffrent countries

a refreshment after a few hours visit.

The group picture, the twopersons in front are so....=S Haha...'cool'???

Lunch at center point, Black Canyon.

Phew....what a wonderful day. I'm looking forward for more field trip=)
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死者苏生 said...

Where Rimbun Dahan located?

char said...

sg buloh =]

Priscillia said...

Haha....thanks for answering this que=P

I'm not the extra-ordinary kidz. said...

Let me join GD pleaseee..
i should be belong to there..

Priscillia said...

I welcome you with both hand, you still can do other things relate to GD when you come out wo work=)

chrysalyst said...

the sculpture is about change. look at it from one angle, you see a certain shape. take a few steps around it and see it at this different angle, you see a totally different shape. according to angela.

Priscillia said...

Haha...thanks for your explanation. I was not listening when she was talking...XD

Îmªñ ®Å§h€ëÐ said...

aiyaaa, u put ugly pics of meee

ok ive linked ur blog on mine =)

Priscillia said...

Haha, you look charming~~~ instead of cute...=P