Monday, March 9, 2009


Just to say hello after few days absence...

Not too busy recently, going quite well with group project AT THIS moment.



死者苏生 said...


leeahkit said...

white do you want?


sOOk aNN said...

Priscillia arrr..
Like that also can?
What a short blog..
Even lazy then me..

Priscillia said...

To Soo: Long time no see =D

To Jack: You don't pray pray with me, if not i will not callyou BLACK.

To Ann: Haha...impressed? Nothing to blog about. Living in a very ordinary live recently.

Îmªñ ®Å§h€ëÐ said...

NOT BUSY!?!? ha!! hows ur narrative project going???

Priscillia said... far so good. I can't do anything at this moment until i show her some of the rough video shooting tml.
By the way...i lost my thumb drive, i got to redo the 'borrowing' presentation again!!! Darn!!!

Îmªñ ®Å§h€ëÐ said...

shittt no way! i ddnt do it cos i was sick...sorry ah ive been sick all these days...anyway, i'll make sure i do it by next week!

good luck for the project! ours is gonna be so crappy!