Friday, March 27, 2009

I am BACK!!!

Haha, anyone miss my blog? Here i am...tada~~~

My lovely laptop spoilt again after next day of warranty. But now is all back to normal. Function properly.

HmmMmm....things are still the same as usual in my life, training; study; hanging around... But one thing really disappoint me is my term 2 results, all the hard works i have done end up like that. The only thing i can do now is, fight for the best grade in final. No one to blame, just to blame myself, not talented enough; have to do double work compare to others. Anyways, i will not give up and do my best of the best to fight for the best grade.

Today i suppose to join my classmates and tutors for gotong-royong in the afternoon, but i cabut because of some 'reason'. Sorry guys...=)

I polish my room today, rearrange the furniture, sudah muak=P I love my room now, but i don't like my closet colours....yuks, i will paint it with my favourite colour one day...hahaha=P

Littile corner of my working place

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