Friday, March 6, 2009

For overseas customer ONLY

I went to PWTC yesterday for MIFF (Malaysia International Furniture Fair). I took some pictures, ya...some, because no camera is allowed. I took it secretly.

One thing i want to share is some of the booths is only for overseas customer, they don't serve local. Even registration, they separate local and overseas and the stripes on the tag is differentiate by red(overseas) and white(local). I wonder why they have to do it this way. Is it because foreigners will buy more compare to local? Cannot deny, maybe YES. But, don't so sarcastic until put a sign outside the booth showing 'for overseas customer' only or 'for export only'.

Some of them don't even want to bother us when we walk in. We are still customer, okay??? Anyways, these are some of the pic that i want to share...

The gave me a new name 'PRISULLIA', wth

Top view

Quite a interesting installation, slanted cupboard attach on the wall

I was focusing on the plant, not the furniture....

The exhibition will held until this Sunday. Overall, not too bad; just that please don't judge Malaysian differently from foreigner.

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