Friday, March 20, 2009

Everything is POSSIBLE

Yo~~~ I've been MIA for one week, haha... I'm back=)

Well, my laptop broke down since last week. It was a big trauma for me at first, because all my works are inside and i do not have any copy. Most importantly, i need the software inside to finish my work. But, i still alive without the laptop and manage to hand in my work on time. Yes, 'everything is POSSIBLE'; nothing is impossible. I still can survive without my laptop. Of course, i was in rush to finish up everything because of some 'specific reasons'. It was my second time dealing with this kind of situations, feel sucks!!! Anyways, when the results are 'not bad', the contented mood is worth more than anything else.

Here's the short movie for previous project, 'Misi Possible'. Sit back, relax and enjoy=)

I feel so much released today, feel like i'm just finish a big exam like Form5. Hahaha, silly betul. I went to 1U after presentation, had lunch and watch movie... Today is my rest day, going to sleep now...=) Lalala~~~


vivianyhp said...

hehe . the video is so cute , and the lemon remind me smtg . lol . (the way Ann play CS at CC with us at last time :b)

nzhaoc2pid said...

i very respect you all taking those hand-made tiny 'cartoon' to make a video~even i'm a broadcaster i don think i can make it also~anyway hope u don mind i comment bout the video~
act i feel so some music background is not tat match with the scene~and the music transition point is not tat smooth~as in i think u shud use fading technique in order to make it run smoothly~anyway it's just my personal view~hope it wont create hard feeling to you or ur group member~if i did i apologize 1st~sorry~

Priscillia said...

To Vivian: Haha, you really have a good memory. I can't remember what silly thing had she done before=P

To Zheng Hao: First of all, i don't mind you comment about the video and i'm willing to accept any critics=)

I did apply fading effect for the music and the video, maybe it didn't come out nice. The fading duration is too short, maybe... Anyways, thanks alot=)

Ju Lian said...

wOohoo!! finally the project is over!!!!!!good job!!!!=D

Anonymous said...

prisilak!ahhaa ur video so funny!good job u guys!i like da dramatic blood scene!n da last part is hilarious!da sweet sound music with u guys mogok-ing.haha

neways,i will link u up in my blog,this is mine..


Priscillia said...

To Julian: good job to you too=)

To Sean: Hahaha, 'prisilak'sounds funny, i can imagine the tone of you when you're calling me this way...hahaha.
Thanks for the compliments. The ending, Ju is the main character, see her movemtnts like tak sabar sabar want to see TY, i mute my hp, if you can hear the speech is even funnier.

I will support your blog, finally~~~

sOOk aNN said...

yo.. Zheng hao. my dear senior..
Ya, I saw the video can be improve..
Anyway, nice try to pris..
NX time can be done even better..

Priscillia said...

To Ann: Thanks for your opinion, i will try better next time=)