Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sleeping 'Beauty'

Haha...can you imagine one person can fall asleep at anywhere, anytime? I guess you will believe when you see this. My coursemate....hahaha!!! Master Zhen! (don't wanna out his real name, i will get killed) I have been collecting his sleeping series since last year, picture taken during tutorial at staff's room, calssroom, LRT and in the van. I lost one which is at the bench of 1u, wasted!!!

To Zhen:
I hope you don't mind i for being my 'hero' in my blog...haha. I know you will be very happy=P


I'm not the extra-ordinary kidz. said...

bombastic news indeed!

char said...

ohhooohooo hoo~~
will he get into your blog?
if he do... hahaha~