Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yo, here i am~~~ Ta da~~~

Errrr...quite a tough week for me, but...i still enjoy it. I don't know the results for the previous exam. After a day, i don't really care about the results, just a bit... There are something which is out of my control that make me really worry about. grrHHhhh~~~

Well well well, guess who i met today and who's the one i was sending flight again this afternoon? Is Chai Yeow Yuan!!! So nice of her that she willing to come few hours early just to meet me up during my lunch time. She will be off to China for about one month and of course she will be back=) Weeee~~~

I wish i can go back this week, too little time for me=( Bear with me for a while, i will be back!!! =P

I gonna miss you bery bery muchhh!!! Xiao Chai!!!

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