Sunday, November 8, 2009

At this very crucial moment, i am now preparing myself for tomorrow's exam. I don't know what else left to revise. I afraid i left out something but my mind is already full.

Well, yesterday was a walk in interview of Air Asia. Some of my friends were there. At first, i wanted to do my revision while waiting for them, but i ended up helping them with registration. I had no regrets in doing this, it was a great experience after all.

Of course, i left one more day to do the study for all the 5 subjects, which is today. I didn't go back to Kepong and i really miss my family, especially my mum.

A little bit more to go, HANG ON!!!


Yi Ling said...

hello..Is me,Ur 1st supporter here!!!Glad to hear tat u never regret to help us although i admit v are really troublesome & also wasting ur time to accompany us...n u never grumble of it.To be honestly, very hard to find a fren like u nowadays.Besides that, I feel so embarrass to u, i scared u do not pay attention on ur revision..will effect ur result~i'm so worried about it & i keep praying for u..U r really a very helpful good fren..A million of thanks to u..(Cassie)

Priscillia said...

Haha, i am your first supporter too!!! no need to feel paiseh for those things, i did well in my exam.
you are most welcome!!!
All the best to you for upcoming interview=)