Thursday, November 12, 2009

Second week of November, it isn't that great for me. Monday, i was really happy for getting full marks for three papers and 95% for another one, well...out of my expectation, my housemate brought us to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner. Because of gummed pain i couldn't enjoy that meal.

Right now, i can't even consume any rice or speak properly. Of course, when today i really can't take the pain anymore, i called my mum and eventually cried on the phone. How useless i am!!! I just miss her so much when i hear her voice, I'd been more than two weeks away from home.

SEP isn't a easy subject to study, when you can't answer a question, the instructor might just ask you get out from the class, this is what make me feel more stressful!!!

But...i still like my life anyhow, but gummed pain really make my life feel miserable.

HANG ON!!!!!!


nzhaoc2pid said...

gambateh ya~~

Priscillia said...

wah, unexpected guest.
Thanks a lot=) HAPPIE~~~~