Sunday, November 22, 2009


Friday night (20/11/09), another memorable night for PWRC. Even the time we gather is short but i enjoy it very much. Of course, thanks a lot for the surprising present, i appreciate it very much. I never knew our relationship can last for so long and so tight. Friends forever and i'm looking forward for the upcoming outing.

Saturday night (21/11/09), another good night for me. My beloved beh beh is back to Kepong and 8.30pm girls talk session, 10pm MULIANS talk session. Mulians are always one heart, even though we are sitting down and doing nothing, but our conversation can go nonstop, endless of laughter. Surprisingly, quite a lot of mulians attended, which is me, yeow yuan, khan jack, daryl, keng wei, aimi, hooi san, li ying, chai yee, jiunn herng, of course BEH BEH la...I left at 1something, i don't know about others... I really enjoy chit chatting with them. Very very much!!!

Today, as usual...every time i come back to Kepong, early in the morning i will go out with mum, Pasar Pagi is the compulsory one. Hang around, bought some stuff, had breakfast together. Wow...i love this moment!!!

Not to forget, i study also... Inside my mind or not, i don't know. I think YES!!!
Coming weeks, i will not be coming back until 8th of Dec. Will announce again when i come back...WEEeee~~~


char said...

haha~ that;s not really consider lots of surprise for you lar~
but really we do appreciate you still will get to us when ever you come back. always be with you my dear

Priscillia said...

IS a suprise, big or small it doesn't matter. thanks alot.
yes, i will and always hang out with you all=)

Take care.