Thursday, November 19, 2009

I just get to know... I might not be in KL any longer. I did say yes in the beginning but in my deep heart, 100% of unwillingness to be based in another state. If so, i just have to take it. Move there together with a group of them, hopefully...and stay together. The person i miss the most gonna be my mum. All of these are just prediction, i MIGHT.

Fire drill and wet drill practice the whole day. Practical is always the best part among the all.

By now, i should have start doing revision, but i just can't stop looking back at the pictures. I always enjoy looking back at all the pictures over and over again. Especially pictures I'd taken with M-group and PWRC.


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char said...

yes yes yes~~~ me too~ i love to look back those our pic~ chill, will always miss you so much