Friday, February 27, 2009


Today is a one day trip to Rinbum Dahan at Sg. Buloh... I took quite a few pictures, ermm...should be a lot!!!! (I will upload soon)

But the thing i want to share today is the video below, where i taken during class, after tutorial. We were asked to record down the process of working when we at home. So...i quickly took out my camer and shoot the video, of course this clip cannot be used as the process. But, for my coursemates, i very sure you will enjoy this video. Hahaha...


死者苏生 said...

your tutorial class vary relax, all of ur classmates laughing all the time.

Priscillia said...

Haha...we were once to be very quite and tutor used to call us 'old folks'. by day, we become noisy.
'Laughing is the best medicine'