Sunday, February 15, 2009

6 days routine's my blog after the 6days business.

Back to college, finally~~~ After two weeks+one day rest, everything should back to normal again and start from zero.
The Cafeteria is so crowded with peoples. It looks like the canteen in high school...hahaha...XD

Class replacement on Wednesday and Yeow Yuan went to college together with me for T-shirt printing. Met Miss TY for tutorial and idea rejected=S So, i stay up till late night to finish up my work for next day tutorial.

A critical day for me, i went to college for tutorial at 9am and while waiting for tutor, i did my work in studio. Phew~~~she accepted my idea. After that, i have to rush like crazy and finish it for tomorrow's presentation. So...i slept at 4am.

Okay...i don't feel sleepy or tired. THANK GOD!!! I was sitting in the shutter, on my way to college, presentation start at 9am. I fall asleep and suddenly get awake by the ambulance siren, i was so blur that time. I can see is very very jam... I message my friend immediately to inform i will be late because of car accident=S And i realized it was a cycle racing. I was late for 20minutes and the door was locked... I knocked the door, luckily, i was allow to go in. THANK YOU ZHEN KUAN!!!
The outcomes... night, i went to Yeow Yuan's house to finish up the 15pcs couple tees....until 6am.

Overnight at YY's house. Suppose to go pasar pagi with mum in the morning for visual research, but...i put my phone in silent mode, so...i missed it!!! Thanks to someone(you know is you=P) who was extremly smart to call yy and wake me up. Otherwise my mum will report police, hahaha.
Slept at 2am because of someone... But ermmm....nvm...feel contented to see the things done completely.

Went training in the early morning and took some pictures for visual research. Feel refresh and energetic after sweating. We did some sparing today, i fight like shit... damn lousy.

Enjoy the videos, i took it last minutes, not too long.

That's all for this week...=D


leeahkit said...

it is a very busy week for u~~

ng hooisan said...

hey my dear...
ur designed couple shirt very great wat!!!
if got sell it must tel me o...
buy it for kh n me..

Priscillia said...

To ah kit: haha...=P

To Hooi San: Harlo...san san=)The one i post in my blog all are sold. You and Kin Hoe i can specially design for you and give you special discount. Haha....