Monday, February 23, 2009

Once in a while

I am trying my best to update my blog everyday... Is not pass 12am yet, still today=P

I in a very relax mood recently, never care too much about my projects like previously. Of course, I'm not neglecting my studies la... Just once in a while have this kind of feeling. I think is good for mental and physical=P

Went to Chandran just now, it has been a long long time i never been there. So...once in a while again, chit chat with them and laugh out loud.

So...don't feel guilty, do thing once in a while is not a bad thing.


p/s: i changed the striking 'red' to light blue as it might influence ones to misjudge my mood which is relaxing.


leeahkit said...

but i can feel your guilty from this blog.. just dunno why..

anyway, i hope you can enjoy your life.. don't push yourselves too hard..

Priscillia said...

To ah kit: I won't blog things that is untrue about me. Seems like you misjudge on me...
No worries, i know what i'm doing and i really enjoy my life and who i am now.
p/s: the workloads i have now i already immune with it. So, no point pushing myself too much, i rather use that energy to do my work=)

I'm not the extra-ordinary kidz. said...

well..i'm having my very relaxing honey-moon days recently..
I cant expect how long will it last for.. Just trying to grab every minutes here to enjoy my 'once in a while' life...
I guess my once in a while relaxing days will no longer exist since we're trying to start our project... dun care.. JUST ENJOY!

Priscillia said...

To N'ji: Haha, recently you have been so supporttive to follow my blog. Thanks!!!
I agree with you, we hardly can finr free time to relax. 'Once in a while' is not a bad thing. And don't forget to miss me 'once in a while' although i know you will not=P