Monday, December 7, 2009

Thank You

I feel so grateful and thankful that I'm blessed by so many peoples. This year is the great birthday I'd ever been through. Even though i'm not at my own house, but i can still feel the warmth from everyone of my friend. SMS, call, facebook, suprise... That's really out of my expectation.

Thanks to...
1) Mulians who come all the way from kepong. I really love to be with you all.
2)Taekwondo mates who brought me to a very nice place for dinner. Unforgettable place and night=)
3) Batch 97 who brought me the 'Crazy cake' and brought me up to speak a little on the bench. Lup you guys, muackxxx!
4) KBU mates for not forgetting my birthday with the adorable card written with wishes, it's worth more than anything.
6) PWRC who suprise me with the present, haha... Thanks=)
7) Phone calls all the way from UK & Aussie as well as text messages. Thanks!!!
8) Blessing and wishes on facebook

Deepest appreciation from my heart. THANK YOU!!!

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