Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finally, I'd finished the SNY flight where i can get rid of the 'Trainee' name tag and my name is not 'Trainee'. After three days of flying, exhaustion is thing that i cannot escape, waking up every 4am in the morning is not an easy thing. But, the satisfactions after finish all the workload is so superb.

I get off day today until Friday. Stay at home most of the time, if time permit, i would like to hang out=P

The best thing i came back home is to see the one i loved, a person who always care about me when i am sick, ask me to take medic on time, i can't live without you.

Home sweet home, i lovin' it.

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=JuJu= said...

pris! congrats to u!!! shioknyer can flyy kaokao!! 3 sectors per day kan!woOOhHhh!!!=D