Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Does it really matter?

I know it is matter for some reason, but not for everything. No everyone can leave without money, this is a fact. But everyone can't live without health.

My main point of today's blog is about money, does it really matter? If you just keep quiet everytime and don't keep on mention in front of me when everytime i am back, i will be very happy to share mine with you because i know is my responsibilities. The more i have, the more you will demand for and the more you expect from me. Please stop doing this to me and get the darn paper out of my table!!!

If things still happen like this, i will rather stay outside and don't want to come back here and i will just see you in the BANK!!!

I understand why things become like this but just give me some space to breath, i clearly understand what my responsibility is towards this family. I am just 20 and i am just officially come out to work, please give me some time to settle down all these. Don't be so 'pushy' towards me. Later or sooner, i really can't take it anymore.


Ah Eng ~ said...

Pris u really flying jor ? wow ~ nice being a flight attendant ?

Priscillia said...

Yes, i'd started on 12th of Dec. Nice from the outside, what's real in teh reality you can't see. But, i still enjoy anyhow...