Monday, December 21, 2009

Flying is always one of my dream, everytime before i go to work or even i receive a call during standby, i will always tell myself, 'enjoy your work' even though i feel super tired and don't want to get off of my bed.

Yesterday was my first flight to Shenzhen, during transit i had a chance to stand at the aerobridge and feel the 'air' of China, it was so windy that time, the airport was so big. Flight finished at 2am in the morning.

Third time of solo, not even one time i feel satisfied for myself. Got to work very very hard until i don't do any mistake on board and make all things just like peanuts for me.

I'm going to hibernate now for one day....zZz

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nzhaoc2pid said...

gambateh ya~~
u can do it^^
i'll always support u...