Monday, November 1, 2010

Dare to Dream

Everyone has a dream, you can dream whatever you want and try you best to achieve it. Nothing is impossible because the words impossible read as

See that, people? Dare to dream, nothing is impossible. Even though if you can't get what you think at the end, at least you know you have tried your very best(Make sure you did)! Just move on with your life, who knows something better is waiting for you.

I always believe everything happens for a reason. I had been through quite a few incidenst that i believe this is very true.

I just hit the 'send' button, i had made another move. More actions to be done to reach my dream.

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Navinuz said...

Hello Priscilla, are you a Chinese? nice to see you here in blogger and Ohh,, I add you in my blog list I read that you love guyz I believe. Ahhmm.. so do you already experienced
gender discrimination. Well, don't putting youself to be down by what others might say, just ignore them you have no problem but them. So keep in touch my friend.