Friday, December 10, 2010

Great 8 days

A great 8 days of my life...

At this moment, i just feel so thankful. I have a bunch of good friends.
-Friends who are with me continuously for 5 days straight.
-Friends with me under one roof for 5 days.
-Friends who celebrate with me for 3 days.
-Friends who are willing to help me whenever i ask, they will never say NO.

This bond is so tight until it couldn't break. I wish the bond is forever, not a full stop.

I love all of you!!!


回忆的路“图” said...

yaya... mulians is the best! i feel lucky coz i study in TAMAN EHSAN. the bond will never stop!

daryl said...

you two belanja la.

Navinuz said...

Every day just always keep in mind it is a blessing although we face trials,problems in doubt situation. but there's always a solution.