Monday, November 29, 2010


26th of Nov was the worse day ever that i he had been through so far.
The level of stress, anxious is at the peak of my head.

I always say 'this is an easy job; the only thing is human factor'.
Sometimes, when the senior says something about you, you can only sit there and listen. You didn't know how to fight back even though he will ask 'anything you want to say?'. I will answered 'No, i am sorry'.

I struggle; i cried. No matter how it is, you still have to get back to work at the end with a smiling face.
Until now, it still left a very big impact on myself. If ever i get the position again, the level of stress will go the the top of my head.

'We work, we fall and we climb back to the progress' This is very true.
I'm climbing now, i will try my best not to let this thing happen on me again.


sOOk aNN said...

stay strong my girl.. You will have a better experience after this incident. All the best my friend. Stay happy and positive all the time and you will have a better living.

Priscillia said...

Thanks sook sook, i'm glad to see you back few days back=)
You are a tough girl, i always know that=)
Love you!!!