Monday, November 8, 2010


I am alone in a place right now; but with my laptop i am not alone.
Since i came here, i learn to be more independent. Without mama's care, mama's dish, i got to be more independent. Learn how to sort things out by myself. And now i can be alone most of the time, but not always, because i am not an alien=P

The flight has been canceled today, if i know thing like this will happen, i would have stay in Kepong for one more day and i can go for curry mee with Mulians yesterday. I guess sometimes god is really helping me, because the senior that i'm going to work with today is someone that i don't really want to work with. I got duty change last minute and i got a bit released, but not FULLY released. Because i couldn't work with another crew that i really love to work with and my flying hours get deducted.

Thing always happen in such a coincidence way, alot of incidents happen on me in such a way recently. I would say is a good COINCIDENCE. The time will come when it comes.

Four more days to go, i get to hang out with someone i love in this coming saturday, yipee!!!
I love my life=)


回忆的路“图” said...

me "like"
u r not alone de..
take care and meet u soon!

死者苏生 said...

OI, 你寂寞,寂寞,就好。
Hope can see u this coming saturday...
we sot har sot har again.